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Freelance Theatre Director


you wake up / octopus


The Memory Tree

You wake up/ octopus is an interactive, immersive journey where you collaboratively play a newly conscious octopus on a quest to find your missing XXXXX.




You adventure through co-created otherworldly landscapes, whether at the center of the earth //or// deep in outer space //or// other. You collectively create, play, explore and overcome obstacles, with improvised and layered sound and music responsive to your choices and/or creations.

‘You wake up / octopus’ is a surreal, joyful and moving exploration of chosen self, transformation, shared storytelling and collaborative empathy.

You wake up / octopus is a Mushmoss production to take place within The Memory Tree — an interactive, audience-driven, continuously-evolving installation, with live changes informing each performance. 

The Memory Tree is a continuously-evolving immersive archive, installation, and collaborative space, framing the creative world of Mushmoss Collective’s multi-disciplinary, interactive theatre.


Built out of audiences’ responses and shared storytelling, the Memory Tree collects and presents a queered archive of You. You can play, create, respond, and contribute your own games, interactions, memories, thoughts, and wishes. Your responses inform the performances that take place, imprinting on and changing the experiences of adventurers to come. 


An archive is a collection of records

A record is a memory You’ve made

A memory of You

A collective mosaic of You

(The mushroom soul soop)



  • This piece has gone through many iterations starting life as part of a 15 minute audio/visual performance with an ensemble cast.

  • Developed to be interactive and full length as part of Camden People's Theatre's SPRINT Festival.

  • In 2023 we explored audience devising and co-creation and introduced the installation aspect of 'The Memory Tree' as part of Theatre Deli's SHIFT&SPACE program, as well as performed in The Space Theatre.

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