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Theatre Director



‘Colossal’ by Patrick McPherson


WINNER Best Sound Design, The Offies 2024


WINNER Perth Fringe, Theatre & Performance Award, Overall Winner 2023

WINNER Theatre Weekly’s Best Show of the Edinburgh Fringe Award 2022

Offie Nominated:  

Best performance

Best Lighting Design

'Hive' by Ariella Como Stoian

Longlisted for the Popcorn Writing Award in Edinburgh 2023


'To be a bat' By Ariella Como Stoian

Longlisted for The Women's Prize for Playwriting 2023

‘Finding Percy Erebus’ by Elephant Talk Theatre

Shortlisted for New Diorama Edinburgh Untapped Award 2022



"Susie makes the fantastical possible, bringing imagination and play to what she works on, collaborative and truly inter-disciplinary"

Ariella Como Stoian, collaborator on 'Hive', 'To be a bat' and all things Mushmoss Collective


"Susie's awareness of what all aspects of a theatrical production can bring to an overall performance make her a joy to collaborate with. Her ideas are spellbinding, and it's been thrilling to be able to explore them together"

Will Hayman, Lighting Designer on 'Colossal' and 'Hive'

"With a compassionate and delicately woven script from Ariella Como Stoian, seamless and nuanced directing from Susie MacDonald and shining atmospheric design from Zygmund de Somogyi this is a captivating and endlessly surprising production that should be seen by all. It's one thing to portray grief on stage, but to articulate it so finely and powerfully is a testament to their powers of storytelling."

Matthew Jameson, Deputy Director at The Space Theatre

on 'To be a bat' by Ariella Como Stoian at London Horror Festival 2021



"It's awesome and rewarding to hear 'Your Unfortunate Servants' brought to life off the page. Susie has worked with total dedication during lockdown to pull the radioplay together from a cast scattered across the country. Imagine what she'll achieve when she's let out the house!"


Dominic Green, Writer on 'Your Unfortunate Servants'


"Susie was my fabulous assistant director on Encore Theatre Company's Christmas show in 2018. Susie supported rehearsals and diligently ensured the script and rehearsal notes were kept up to date. She designed the light plot and wrote the tech script. Susie seemlessly navigated the communication between myself, Encore Theatre Company and Theatre Peckham."

Valentina Rosati, Freelance Theatre Director

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